How Do I See Malaysia Future Business Market

If you wish to expand your business into Malaysia market or if you are Malaysia business owner's and finding ways of growing / surviving during this pandemic. Then you should read this articles.

If you are considering setting up an account in #lazada or #shopee or any other famous marketplace found in Malaysia. Please do so, because they have grab more than half of the E-commerce business in Malaysia same goes to #foodpanda and #grabfood That doesn't sound too bad isn't ? unfortunately you are not fighting with Malaysian seller ONLY ! Lazada and shopee is enrolling more seller from China and Taiwan and their marketing and product costing are way lower. If you are getting from the same source how would you beat them in terms of pricing? Furthermore, they even sync with their #taobao acc which it bring up their store rating. So again , you are in the weak spot.

So where/what else can you do ?

Facebook Live is definitely something you can consider (Malaysia has the biggest FB users in the world). Malaysia has not much option in terms of social media to be browse by. Another reason why Live is a good source and reliable, clients they could see the actual units through Live to gain the trust. Now a day, if you are new seller in any marketplace and didn't gain any comments or feedback, is hard to get a client to engage with you. But the issue if you going towards Facebook Live would be on the closing the last mile (client making payment). Facebook only manage to capture client placement order through capturing the key words they set in the system and direct you to the ordering system but without the payment methods. (incomplete)

So you might not be getting as many deals as you see because many might be lazy to remit that payment. unless you are fine with this weakness ( any how there's no perfect solution) then you can go ahead with it since the costing of moving to Facebook Live is extremely low. or if you can perfect the system it would be best so you can promote the system to all Facebook Live owners. Another industry that i would recommending is to aim those solopreneurs ( age from 25 to 38) , these group of people they desire of freedom and they are IT savvy. And many of Malaysia population are falls within this group (not only Malaysia is globally). If you can work out some app/system that can help Solopreneurs to build their career is something valuable to them furthermore the numbers is getting higher as compare to entrepreneurs. There's another system which is sustainable, F&B industry . Build a system that clients can earn money while spending. F&B is not something recession proof but is a huge market and clients do spend money on eating / ordering. If you are saying that no way this project is gonna work. I'm telling that because you haven't come up a solution that both fit the merchant and the consumers part. But i do ^^

All these above was my thoughts after meeting close to two thousands of clients in my IT company.

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